The Utilisation Of Turkish Media Essay

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Media has become the “fourth pillar of the government” in Turkey, ever since the first private media outlets emerged in the 1980s (Çaglar & Çakar-Mengü, 2009). The lack of laws to limit the monopolization and acquiring the competition in relation to media companies, made it easier for influential and wealthy individuals to create media cartels in Turkey. Unlike other profit driven businesses, media that has been created or acquired to maximize profits in non-media related sectors is likely to struggle in fulfilling its role of bringing unbiased content and information to the masses. Oligopoly of media outlets by entrepreneurs who have trade and business ties with government damages the independent information flow in Turkey; causing media become an instrument for political agenda. This paper will discuss the utilisation of Turkish media as a tool for propaganda by discussing the examples gathered from the three media groups who own the 81% of print media, radio and television companies (Ekşi, 2014).

Propaganda is one of the most powerful tools for population control. Even the most extremist ideologies like Nazi eugenics and Kahanism were able to receive validity and credibility in their target audiences by the utilisation of propaganda tactics. Media determines the type of content that is relevant and pertinent to the society. By overexposing certain content, media can create an illusion of validity and relevancy in the audience. Ciner Holding is one of the major mining…

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