The Ussr And The Atomic Of The Atom Bomb Essay

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Throughout the 1940’s-1950’s, the mission to achieve nuclear advantage over the enemy was crucial. The United States and USSR had nuclear-programs in order to make, and perfect the atom bomb, or nuclear weapons. During the Cold War the USSR and the USA were in a race to build the atom bomb. Although they both had secret and confidential programs, that not many people knew about, spies were very effective in order to discover new information. The USSR potential to build an atom bomb was underestimated by the West. The Soviets made an atom bomb exceptionally early, which was well before the USA believed they could have. In order for the Soviets to do so, their nuclear spying in the United States was a vital role for Soviet’s nuclear program due to the Soviet nuclear-espionage and the immense amount of knowledge the Soviets gained. I believe, with many other historians, that if the USSR was able to build the atom bomb and use if effectively, the world would be a very different place than it is today.

The Soviet atomic bomb project was a secret development program to build the atomic bomb after finding out about the United States, Canadian and British project. The scientist who was in charge of the research was Igor Kurchatov. Although the Soviets had some of the smartest minds of the time, they still needed answers. Igor and many of his colleagues needed to gather new information from the United States, especially the Manhattan Project. In order to achieve this, the need…

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