Social Media Research Paper

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In the past couple of years there have been an increase in users of social media. There is more and more people that join social media everyday. Social media has evolved into a wide array of sites and apps that enable users to interact with others by sharing or viewing photos, videos, restaurant or hotel reviews, blogs, and news articles (Global issues in context online collection par6). Social media allows people to express their own opinion about certain topics, and also interact with other people around the world. Social media enables people to communicate about political ideas and organize quickly. It also allows journalists to see how other people think and the opinions they have. Journalist can rely heavily on social media. Social media …show more content…
In a web-first approach, the main focus often is on breaking news and getting those stories on the web as fast as possible, on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week news cycle(Grabowicz par16). This is why social media is considered a direct source to some journalists. Social network is not only used to interact with other people, but it is also used to share information throughout different parts of the world. Twitter and other online networks are seen as crucial means through which to convey news that might be censored on official channels(“online social networks” par12). When social network is used to share information around the world, this allows journalist to get news very easily. This leads to news organizations posting the news as fast as possible. Today, most people will use a phone or some kind of electronic device to look at the news. Newspapers have not yet found a new sustainable business model, and there is reason for concern that such a business model may not emerge(introduction to the global impact of social media par1). Even the bigger newspaper organizations also maintain an online news page. Some people actually believe that the internet is not that useful and reliable. In other parts of the world newspapers are actually flourishing because the people in that area can not afford technology devices. Actually, print circulation worldwide was up more than 5 percent in the past five years, and the number of newspapers is growing. In general, print media are thriving in the developing world and suffering in rich nations(Rosenstiel par11). The reason why they are suffering in rich nations is because the people in those rich nations are able to afford electronic

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