The Use Of Writing And Art As A Tool Of Communication, Visual Representation, And Beauty

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People express themselves in a variety of different ways; whether it is through clothing, music, dance, writing or art, these forms of self-expression allow individuals to convey feelings to others. Specifically, the use of writing and art to express one’s self has been prevalent in society for centuries and is commonly conducted through graffiti. Its origins lie with our ancestors who lived during the ice age; cavemen. Modern sociologists and archeologists suggest that prehistoric graffiti represents “the births of both art and homo sapiens, as evidence for communication, visual representation, and beauty in early human cultures. This apparent familiarity has meant that modern graffiti has long been linked to its ancient antecedents” (Baird, 2). The illustrations that were created by cavemen are displayed on the walls of caves and depict life during the ice age. Similarly to our descendants, graffiti persists as a method of communication; however, the graffiti created today serves a broader range of purposes. Graffiti is utilized by individuals and communities to express how they feel about current events, to designate gang territory, and for aesthetics. The presence of graffiti in communities may be viewed as positive because it can facilitate social and political movements, but it is often viewed as harmful to communities because the word “graffiti” has a negative connotation due to its association with violence and disorder. Those who are outsiders of the graffiti…

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