The Use Of The Word `` Disrupt `` Essay

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Remember when Uber was such a big deal it became a model company? There were intense city-by-city launches, and an increase in sharing economy businesses that take away market share from established businesses. Other examples include Airbnb (which crowd-sourced bed and breakfasts), Homejoy (which crowd-sourced home cleaning workers), or Postmates (which crowd-sourced courier services). The rise of these sharing economy businesses inspired a whole gamut of more, each finding a new industry to take market share away from. This rise was part a hype that introduced the ubiquitous use of the word “disrupting.” Aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to “disrupt” industries so much to the point where it has been nothing more than a ridiculous buzzword--“disrupting” things became the new black. However, if one observes carefully, the word “disrupt” doesn’t carry a positive connotation, and applying this term to a service or product a new startup is creating taints in a negative manner. Merriam-Webster’s first definition of the word “disrupt” is a) to break apart and b) to throw into disorder. How and why did people become so obsessed with “disrupting” existing industries? The word “disrupt” is one of many, many words that have become widely used buzzwords that have lost much of their true meaning. The use of these kinds of words and language can be extremely influential when one considers the culture of people in startup environments, (the effect on the economy)?, and the future of…

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