The Use Of Tanks In World War II

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Tanks early on in the war were poorly built and unfit for combat as it was constantly breaking down. On September 10th, when the first model tank was rested, its tracks fell apart, which occurred again on September 19th when official were viewing the machinery. Although, impressed with the tank consequently, they claimed that it wasn’t right for battle yet. The main error in the construction was the tracks, that were constantly being torn apart or breaking. Despite the critical errors, along with the minimal effect it had some in WW1, tanks were continuously being modified, to the extent that in World War 2, tanks had become a popular use of weaponry, with better capabilities such as traveling through trenched and being equipped with machine …show more content…
Their fine tanks were wearing down with a lack of armor or protective metals, leading for them to quickly lose in the Blitzkrieging in fault of Germany. British tanks were built out of light metals and puny weapons, with a compacted amount of individuals crowded into one tank. Meanwhile, America, being fairly new into the tank industry, sketched their tanks with dual purpose, not only building them with a stabilized gun to fire at enemies within range, but also to defend themselves against enemy weapons.
World War I was recorded to be the first use of submarines in combat. The United Kingdom found dependence of the submarines, equipped with radios in order to communicate with headquarters. The main purpose of submarines was allow transportation of resources (ie. food, medicine, weapons,etc) between islands and countries to suppply their public with food and troops with war supplies. Meanwhile,
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However Germany, despite it being banned, continued its testing with chemical warfare, labeling it’s potential as a “decisive weapon to break the deadlock of trench warfare” The first use of chemical warfare was chlorine gas, in April 1915, as a sheet of smoke, preventing attackers to see their soldiers. However, this form of weaponry was deemed poor, as it killed many of their own troops due to the wind blowing the gas back into their own troop, causing a fatal number of German soldiers. Eventually, labs had invented gas masked to reduce the possibility of death by chemical warfare.In the early days of the war, generals tried to direct tactics from headquarters many miles from the front, with messages being carried back and forth by couriers on motorcycles. It was soon realized that more immediate methods of communication were needed. During the second World War, Hitler decided to use chemical warfare solely as a retaliation in case another country commits the crime first. The only intentional use of chemical warfare in World War 22 was the use of Mustard Gas by the Japanese, used for their attack on Manchuria in 1937, with studied claiming that there were “more than 2,000 separate incidences of poison gas use in that campaign…” However, the use of chemicals was used by the

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