The Use Of Tablet And Other Related Technology Essay

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This qualitative case study investigated teachers ' use of tablet and other related technologies in the secondary classroom. This study explored the utilization of various technological devises within the classroom. This study investigated how teachers are using technology in their lesson plans and what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these as opposed to traditional methods. Five teachers of one public school district in the southwestern United States voluntarily took part in a 30 minute interview that based on their own perceptions of technology usage in classroom instruction.

Tablet and Related Technologies in Mathematics, English, History, and Computer Teaching Finding the best, most relevant ways to educate students has always been the goal of teachers. However, what are the best methods of teaching? Through the fast-paced and ever growing burst of technology in society more and more teachers are turning to innovative ways in instructing their students through the use of technology and other relevant devices. The following research question investigated how tablets and related technology are utilized in the teaching of computers, English, science, foreign language, and mathematics. How are instructors utilizing various methods of technology in the classroom and to what extent? This research question is beneficial because it may possibly reveal how some teachers are integrating technology in a manner that could possibly…

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