Foreshadowing In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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The symbolism in the story creates foreshadowing of the dark place goodman brown has gone. Hawthorne creates a presence of evil in the story Young Goodman Brown. The progansinst leaves behind his ritual and faith when he goes off into the dark forest. Hawthorne creates the image in the reader's mind that the pink ribbons represent the unbreakable bond between goodman brown and is religion values and faith. Faith represent browns religious beliefs but also is dearly loved wife. The story also gives the devil’s staff and presence of evil and sin. These symbols add mystery and highlight Goodman Brown’s dark discovery.

In the story Young Goodman Brown, the pink ribbons represent a strong bond between the young Goodman Brown and Faith. The pink
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The snake looking staff makes a vibe of evilness. The devil’s staff makes an evil presence to the devil: “But the only thing about him that could be fixed upon as remarkable was his staff. Which bore likeness of a great black snake.” When Hawthorne makes the relation between the staff and the snake he’s referring to the snake like characteristics fierce, evil, and dangerous those are the powers of the staff. The staffs power pressures the good people to become evil and have sin upon them. Goody Clause is not the person Goodman Brown thought she was: He had cast up his eyes in astonishment and looking down, beheld neither Goody Clause nor the serpentine staff. It states that goody clause has vanished with the staff creating that vision that Goody has encounter faith before and has been sucked to the dark side. The readers have the vision that the devil is nothing without his great black staff.

The story Young Goodman Brown use symbols to illustrate the dark path that takes Goodman Brown from his beliefs. Brown leaves behind his puritan virtues and the strong bond that he has created. The little faith left in goodman brown was run down because of his decision to follow the family's path. The devil's evil staff was the one who took Goodman brown from his beloved faith and the pink ribbons. Goodman Brown followed in the unknown evil footsteps of his family's

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