The Use Of Surveillance And Its Effect On The Workplace Essay

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Secondly, keystroke allows employers to know how much words have been typed. With that being said, hundreds of words have been monitored and saved by employers. There are many types of keystrokes and they can save all the information a certain employee types and saves within a certain database. Also, they can know how long it took for one to finish a task and the mistakes that are done within the information that is being worked on (McLaughlin 1989). This form of surveillance is seen as covert opposed to overt because not all employees know that the information that is being typed is saved or viewed by those in charge. This can be positive or negative depending on how one views it. It also can be both positive and negative in certain case. For example, one specific case was about an employee whom was suspected of using the computer for personal reasons rather than the intended work. The employer installed a keystroke application to make sure that the information on the employee is accurate. However, they also collected not only information about the worker’s personal life, but also information concerning their banking. The employee did not know about the application that was installed, but later figured out and reported it to privacy commissioners (McKay-Panos 2007). I believe this example can be seen as positive and negative. The employee should have known that he should only focus on work since he is at his job and possible surveillance may be conducted. Nonetheless, the…

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