The Use Of Public Office For Private Gain Essay

1146 Words Jan 24th, 2016 null Page
Corruption constitutes one of the most significant obstacles to positive police-public relations in today’s society. Police corruption includes acts of brutality, excessive force, inefficiency, and, among others, the use of public office for private gain (Grant, 2002). Some scholars believe that corruption may start off small such as by accepting gratuity for officers and then eventually leading to bigger corruption. Slippery slope and its relationship with gratuity is a basic hypothesis. It’s a hypothesis that claims officers who start off taking favors or looking the other way with minor incidents then they are likely to progress later into more major corruption. “O. W. Wilson, Patrick V. Murphy, and many other experienced officials have contended that the slippery slope of corruption begins with any gratuity, including the well-known free cup of coffee. (Delattre, 2011). Even though there may be some examples to support this hypothesis, it’s not enough evidence to prove it absolutely true. Every corrupt official didn’t start off with accepting gratuity before doing something that involved major police corruption. One example of slippery slope would include “restaurant owners intending the free coffee or the reduced meal price as a kindness to police they judge to be underpaid, but others, more or less subtly, expect something in return. Some clearly want the police presence, but others want illegally parked customers to be left alone, and so on” (Delattre, 2011).…

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