The Use Of Prosocial And Aggressive Behaviors Of Characters On Cartoon Network

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The purpose of this study is to analyze the frequencies of prosocial and aggressive behaviors of characters on Cartoon Network. Furthermore to attempt to determine if Gender or Socioeconomic Status are associated to the frequencies of prosocial and aggressive acts made by a character. Much research has been done outlining the high rates of violence and aggression in Cartoons and the effects of viewing violence on a children’s behavior in the real world. Less research has been done regarding prosocial acts in the media, so both forms of behaviors are analyzed in this study. This study takes into account the gender and socioeconomic status of an animated character and determines if there is an association to the amount of prosocial or aggressive acts a character displays. This determination is significant because children are more likely to identify with people of the same gender and socioeconomic status.(Padilla- Walker, Coyne, Fraser, & Stockdale.) Content analysis was done for a total of fifty characters from eight shows on Cartoon Network. The study used Chi Squared tests because it was a non-parametric study. The results for these tests showed that there was not a statistically significant association between gender or socioeconomic status of an animated character to prosocial and aggressive behavior.

Content Analysis of Aggressive and Prosocial Acts on Cartoon Network
The effects of children’s media and television shows on a child’s behavior have been a huge…

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