The Use Of Power And Influence On Organizations Essay

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Most people have a longing to get to the top of their company, whether by hard work and climbing the ladder, or by not what you know, but who you know. The longing to be on top is very common, but not only for monetary gain, but for one to achieve a certain level of power. It is an instinct that most of us have within, and it will be unleashed when we feel that where we are currently is not where we want to stay permanently. Most people come into a company wanting to be noticed and being seen in the right circle of people who will help them get ahead. Politics are in every business that exists, but often have a negative connotation, but according to Nelson and Quick, it is the use of power and influence in organizations (Nelson & Quick, 2013). There 's a thin line between persuasion and manipulation, and the negative connotation exists because of the few bad eggs that use unethical tactics in their pursuits (Weissenberger, 2010). Beth Weissenberger also states that everyone engages in office politics. Even if you are an employee who keeps to your small group of co-workers and tries not to be noticed, you are attempting to remain in your position, and therefore you have an agenda.
I am a staff nurse who works in a premier cancer hospital, specifically speaking on my unit of the hospital; it tends to be mostly a hierarchal type of department with the nurses and techs reporting to a supervisor or charge nurse in my case, then we all report to our director who…

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