The Use Of Power Acting As An Tool For The Muslim Community Essay

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Walt states that revolutions exhibit a number of common features. First, a states administrative and coercive capacity must be in a weakened by a combination of internal and external challenges for revolutions to be possible. Key international and intra-national events created permissive conditions favorable for jihadism to develop and flourish. Several key decisive events illustrate this first point. The end of the Ottoman Empire and enactment of the Sykes-Picot agreement broke the empire into secular nations under western influence. This spawned the Muslim Brotherhood a mere four years later in 1928, arguably the first jihadist group seeking the reestablishment of the dissolved Caliphate. Another pivotal event was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which energized jihadist fervor and planted the seeds for future globalized efforts. External and internal events meshed with the end of the Cold War dramatically weakening many of the repressive secular regimes that had kept jihadists groups in check. Globalization and social changes ushered in a diffusion of power acting as an enabling tool for the Muslim community and jihadists within these states, further weakening their ability to control narratives and information.
The second feature Walt discussed is an explosion of political activity. He characterizes these activities as being primarily illegal “because the institutions and principles of the old regime offer no legitimate outlet for them.” Examples of this abound in…

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