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International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, Vol. 1, No. 2, August, 2010 2010-023X The Use of Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies in the Romanian Hotel Industry Ovidiu N. Bordean, Anca I. Borza, Răzvan L. Nistor and Cătălina S. Mitra, Abstract— Porter’s generic strategies remain one of the most widely accepted typology of strategic options for businesses. Using a survey a sample of 69 hotel managers from the Nord-West part of Romania was questioned about their

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During this period lots of
investments have been made for modernizing the
accommodation structures and to increase the volume of the
green-field investments.
Within the context of hotel industry from Romania, recent
changes have seriously affected industry profitability,
forcing hotels to adopt a variety of business strategies. For
that reason, we have assumed to find hotels pursuing Porter’s
generic strategies in both a mutually exclusive manner, as
well as in hybrid forms. Although various studies have
examined the application of Porter’s strategies to different
industries [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], no study has
examined to what extent the various strategic types are
prevalent in the Romanian hotel industry.
This study has its aim to analyze the strategies used in the
Romanian hotel industry and to determine if there is any
evidence that could link these strategies to the generic
strategies developed by Michael Porter [8]. The relevance of
the study lies in the fact that it simplifies the complex reality
of the hotel industry indentifying the way in which managers
make use of the business strategies they implement.
This paper is organized in several sections. It starts with a
brief review about the strategic management and the role of
generic strategies. A description of the
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