Essay about The Use Of Police Body Cameras On Law Enforcement

828 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Although many citizens may believe otherwise, it has been proven that the uses of police body cameras are beneficial to all aspects of law enforcement. In the article, “Scholar Warns Body Cams Used to Show Underrepresented in Worst Light,” freelance journalist and well renowned writer Jamaal Abdul-Alim argues that the use of police body cameras will result in the reduction of both complaints against officers and police force. Abdul-Alim supports his main argument when he presents a yearlong study on the effect police body cameras have on law enforcement that states, “Wearing BWC’s by police can reduce both officer use of force and subsequent complaints against officers” (8). Abdul-Alim then goes into the specifics when he provides the reader a statistic that provides exactly how effective the use of these police body cameras are when he states, “The study found that the officers wearing the cameras had 87.5 percent fewer incidents of use of force and 59 percent fewer complaints than the officers not wearing the cameras” (8). The use of this statistic to support Abdul-Alim’s argument perfectly shows the reader how effective the use of police body cameras are when properly used. When forming an argument on a certain topic, incorporating statistics from reliable sources can make an argument exceedingly strong. In retrospect, Abdul-Alim’s article can be considered one of strong validity as he uses this approach to strengthen his overall argument and thus, through statistical…

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