The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs On Their Campuses Essay

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Universities have been attempting to control the use of performance enhancing drugs on their campuses in an attempt to promote fairness and equality. In the past, universities have been focused on halting the widening use of steroids by college athletes, specifically football players, who were looking to gain a competitive advantage by rapidly gaining muscle mass (Apuzzo, Gillum, & Goldman, 2012). However, as our society has become more technologically oriented and the academic environment has become more competitive, universities have been witnessing a shift from the abuse of physical enhancement drugs to mental enhancement drugs. Abuse is defined as the use of a drug outside of its intended purpose.
Students have turned to drugs to help improve their mental capabilities in order to meet the increasing demands of a college education and gain an academic advantage over rival students. The combination of increasing pressure on college students and easy access to drugs via online networks has made it easy for college students to abuse mental enhancement drugs (Moore, Burgard, Larson, & Ferm, 2014). The stimulant or smart drug that has seen the most abuse on college campuses is Adderall (Burgard, Fuller, Becker, Ferrell, & Dinglasan-Panlilio, 2013). The purpose of this literature research review article is to examine the current state of Adderall abuse amongst college students in the United States and discuss its future implications.
History of Adderall Adderall is a…

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