The Use Of Modern Technology On The Tobacco Industry Essay

1521 Words Mar 19th, 2016 7 Pages
Our world is a forever changing. With the use of modern technology we can be in France in a mere thirteen hours and twenty minutes, grow food and feed thousands of people and have access to running water just a few seconds away. Just recently a new technology has hit the U.S. market, e-cigarettes. This innovation was shipped to the U.S. in “2007” and totally changed the tobacco industry(thrillist). An e-cigarette is essentially electronically powered cigarettes which are intended to create a supplement to smoking cigarettes(drugabuse). These devices transmit different flavors and other harmful chemicals in vapor instead of all the nasty chemicals cigarettes contain. However not enough information has yet been discovered. On the flip side there has been studies conducted but not by the most trustful of people “most studies were funded or otherwise supported/influenced by manufacturers of e-cigarettes” (vox). As you can probably see, the studies that were conducted most, anyways are not very trustworthy. The reason that makes this tech advanced is in the way it gives the user smoke through electrically powered battery that fits into a normal compact size making it easy to take anywhere. The story of the e-cigarette is actually goes back quite a long way. As you can probably remember in the 1400s Europeans arrived at, settled in and created a hunger for tobacco. In 1858 a man named Sales Girons had been the first person with his invention to turn a substance into a gas…

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