Essay on The Use Of Media Images On Race, Gender, And Sexuality

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As mentioned, Stuart Hall was a Jamaican born cultural theorist and sociologist who lived and worked in the United Kingdom that our decoding of media images are very much influenced by the guidance of “dominant” social ideologies. Throughout the research and studies i really came to realize how correct Mr Hall was on his idea on how he believes that videos are all encoded, keying on race, but also, gender and sexuality. Doing much research on the "Mammy" stereotype of black women and the "Greaser" stereotype of latino men i came to a conclusion on believing his views of masculinity and femininity. Throughout this paper i will talk more about the differences and describe the way the film subjects the main two topics and how it keys in on race, gender, and sexuality. Greasers, who were also known as, “Hood”, dumb, uneducated, poor, and failures in society were a huge stereotype and problem in society. The greasers were known that they can 't afford anything, also were known as weak peons, used to describe Mexican bandits and other lazy, untrustworthy Mexican characters. When you play close attention to the role of mass media in the perpetuation of greasers and latino mens it makes you really realize the huge stereotypes that the media brought in. The films started to start a trend and make the lation nothing and “others” comparison to the whites. They are represented and non masculine in society because of how down aopn they are looked at. The media has shaped many of the…

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