The Use Of Language As A Tool For A Phenomenological Account Of Existence

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The true character of being in the world in found in the abnormal cases for clear understanding of normality for Marleau-Ponty (Ponty). Ponty uses language as a tool for straitening access to a phenomenological account of existence (Ponty). In the field of linguistic we see many of Ponty’s ideas about the phenomena structure of existence being expressed through the purchase of language (Ponty). Ohio State University is a collective leading expects in the field of linguistics with their text the“Linguistics Produced Language Files II,”which believes that the human language ability is innate and that children must acquire a grammar with all its components and rule (Ohio State University). “Language is a communication system consisting of sounds morphemes, words and rules for combing all of theses basics elements which enables peoples innate understanding of sentences they may never have heard or uttered before” (Ohio State University313). Ponty would say that it is the condition of possibility in order for knowledge to be known such as sounds morphemes, words and rules (Ponty).“For me to understand the words of another, I must obviously already know his vocabulary and syntax” (Ponty173). For expression of language to be understood syntax is an innate must according to Marleau-Ponty and linguistic expects which support the idea of the innate hypotheses by means of sympathetic residence or sympathetic vibration (Ohio State University)(Ponty). Many linguistic expects believe…

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