The Use Of Imagery And Its Effect On Our Society Essay

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Consumption has been the primary vehicle through which individuals participate in society and transform culture. Culture is not something already made which we consume; culture is what society creates through the practices of everyday life and consumption involves the making of culture. When attempting to understand certain acts of consumption, it is necessary to observe the relations involved in production and consumption. Through technological innovation, the fashion industry has been expanded to play a prominent role in consumers’ purchasing decisions and styles are becoming less difficult to obtain. With the expansion of department stores and shopping being viewed as a leisure activity, this has continued to transform the act of fashion consumerism. Functional interests feature a rational attachment to clothing items. Symbolic benefits involve status and prestige to fulfill the achievement for positive self-esteem. Further, benefits provide cognitive experiences for the individual consumer and the created use of imagery and desire used to enrich one’s life.
Consumers today continue to be fascinated by personal appearance and fashion styles. Fashion, and the way we present ourselves through clothing choice, is a method in which we are able to show off our status to others. Clothing is one of the most externally visible forms of consumption and performs an important role in the social construction of one’s identity. The nature of consumers’ emotional involvement in…

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