Essay on The Use Of Hydrogen Gas On The Sun 's Surface

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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our final lecture for later today we will be landing on Gnaritus!” Pars announced to thunderous applause in the main cabin. “It will be useful to understand more about Gnaritus’ three suns for your daily lives. So, let me begin by summarizing the background information that we have already gone over near the beginning of this lecture series. The three suns of this solar system are stars, which contain mainly hydrogen gasses with a lesser amount of helium. Due to the intense force of gravity, the proximity of the hydrogen atoms in the center of these suns results in their nuclei fusing to form helium atoms. This nuclear fusion releases heat and sunlight that reaches Gnaritus and the other planets in this solar system. Hydrogen gas on the sun’s surface is mostly plasma. For example, heating solids results in liquids, then gasses, and later plasma, which is the fourth state of matter. In other words, ionized gas comprises plasma. This plasma can escape the sun’s gravity becoming the solar wind that is continuously blowing through the solar system to Gnaritus and all the way out to the planet Spes. In fact, ninety-nine percent of the universe is plasma! Furthermore, dark sunspots occur on the surface of the suns in sections that are relatively cooler than the surrounding area. Solar storms can also rage on the surface consisting of massive solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Solar flares occur as flashes of bright light on…

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