Gun Control In Texas

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Gun Control is a huge topic in the United States today. Because of all the deaths related to the use of guns, various gun control laws have been set to try and reduce crime and violence by restricting private gun ownership, “right to bear arms.” But, In Texas however, “it is illegal to carry a handgun outside of a persons own premises. However, a person may carry, either open or concealed, in a non- threatening or alarming manner, a shotgun or riffle.” Taking in account the amount of gun- related deaths and injuries that occur each year, accidental and not accidental, our government should make stricter laws and regulations concerning gun control and open carry, especially in Texas.
There are many commonly held views when it comes to gun control.
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Most people believed that the government would come up with the right plan of action and that if anything was to happen that it would get solved immediately and a new law would be put into place, or that gun rights would maybe even be taken away, but neither of those have yet to happen. It’s a common thing to trust and rely on the government to protect us, which is what we all expect them to do. But they can’t be in control every single person, or know what’s going on in every state at every minute. That’s why, if stricter laws are put into place, then we as a country, and state, wouldn’t have to rely on them as much for this, and could finally feel safe and free from this whole issue. But, as this falls under historical factors too, they have tried multiple times to pass certain laws and make regulation stronger, but each time they never go …show more content…
And that’s when the line needs to be drawn. This is not okay at all and when students start to feel unsafe and have concerns then that’s when something needs to be done about it. Sources state that gun rights supporters have worked hard to, “eliminate legal limitations on the right to possess and carry firearms and to expand the scope of gun rights.” Firearm policies are more to influence attitudes towards guns, and making them as safe as possible, but also making people realize what the purpose of firearms is. The most emotional argument for greater control of firearms is the number of gun- related deaths that occur each year, some being accidental. It is insane how many deaths there are all because a kid accidentally shot someone, or accidentally got ahold of their parents’ gun. It sounds crazy, but it really does happen more than you think. “A renewed increase in the violent crime rate could result in more intense pressure for additional legislative restrictions on firearms,” why wait until the violent crime rate to increase to change it? It should’ve been restricted a long time ago! Gun rights groups like the NRA most likely has an influence on gun policy at the state and federal levels, so it is up to them to help us overcome this and put restrictions on firearms and end them as a whole on college campuses. There is nothing safe about a college student carrying around a weapon. If

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