The Use Of Group Intervention By Occupational Therapists Essay

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The use of group intervention by occupational therapists under a cognitive behavioural framework.

Group intervention

Group intervention started in the early 20th century and continued development during the 1950’s due to an increased demand for therapists after the war (Weiten, 2007). The purpose of using group intervention is two-fold. The first is to provide a therapeutic service to several clients at a time. The second is to use the group itself as a therapeutic benefit for clients involved as demonstrated though Yalom’s curative aspects of groups (Weiten, 2007; Yalom & Leszcz, 2008). Group intervention can be seen as an essential aspect of an occupational therapists role within practice. The running of a group requires a number of skills, which an occupational therapist has in their tool kit. These skills are essential for leading a group, where both individuals and the group are able to function at the highest therapeutic level (Duncan, 2009).

Five factors of group dynamics

Group Process

Group processes include how a group accomplishes tasks, by understanding how group matters are handled (Kielhofner & Kielhofner, 2009). As an occupational therapist, there is a need to understand the underlying processes of groups in order to improve their understanding of the clients and how they affect the functioning of the group (Cole, 2012). Furthermore Yalom’s curative aspects of groups allow occupational therapists to develop a greater understanding of group…

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