The Use Of Drugs On The Human Metabolism Essay

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Medical field is very broad field providing a lot of opportunities for those who wants to become a doctors and physicians. Therefore, pre-medical students have a big range to choose what to pursue as physician. Becoming a physician needs to have a good plan to go through medical school processes.
As an undergraduate, I plan to take part in researching the effect of drugs on the human metabolism. It has been a difficult decision for me to choose the best suited field of study as an undergraduate to prepare for medical school. Studying the chemistry field will give me the opportunity to study the process of drug synthesis and become knowledgeable about treatment of bacterial infections and disease prevention. This field will assist me in preparation for my career.
I was 18 years old when I came with my family to live in America. And after two months upon arrival, I entered high school as a senior, it was challenging for me to study the same curriculum that other students who are native English speakers were studying. I did not speak English, and struggled with believing in myself.
After a few months, I improved at the English language. I recall my economics teacher giving a certificate of merit in front of the students, saying, "America is lucky to have a fine young man like you! I know your hard work will pay off and you will accomplish much in your lifetime." This struggle and achievement have given me great confidence in myself, enough confidence to achieve my…

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