The Use Of Death In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Death without a doubt is the most debated and uncertain thing we will ever come across in our entirety of live on this planet it 's plastered over everything in our lives. It’s used to bring us together and to drive us apart,seen throughout the media present in art, games, movies, books, but when it comes to ourselves it’s something we avoid thinking and talking about yet is something that we as human beings can’t escape, from birth it’s something that is a constant. That is why shakespeare uses death not just as an event but has a key theme throughout Hamlet thou are own death we avoid, it’s others that draw us in and fuel are anger or guilt and are imagination, shakespeare uses this to draw the reader/viewer into the play. By not using death …show more content…
By presenting death through dialogues shakespeare gives death an abstract from, diffrent from the state but treating death as person,and showing tragedy of death through that dialogue. Lastly shakespeare uses hamlet as a catalyst to show the ill effects of death and what one becomes when they have accepted their own death and the death of others..

Death itself is a powerful device used throughout literature thou shakespeare uses it beyond it typical use of the time, to drive his characters to develop, perform acts out of vengeance, hate, guilt and fear to progress the story along. The first appearance of death is through the ghost of the previous king Hamlet. Taking place only a short few months after his tragic death leaving denmark in mourning, it’s the leading event that sets everything into motion setting up the story for its conclusion. The ghost for the second and last time appears in front of Elsinore castle as Horatio had said he would to hamlet with a fair and warlike form. Even the apparel suggests a
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From the start shakespeare has set up Hamlet to be a catalyst to present death in human form, showcasing the ill effects when one has accepted their death and the death of others.Despite the fear of death is his father king Hamlet that demands vengeance, a brittle and broken Hamlet the catalyst, is slowly worn down by the demand of his father and it gradually changes Hamlet into the weapon of

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