The Use Of Color And Negative Space Essay

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Photography was invented as a way of documentation and has evolved into an artistic means of expression. Photographers such as Alexey Brodovitch and Philip Trager both experimented with conveyed motion and using negative space in photography. Both artists were confronted with a constantly changing world and society and chose dance as a way to express motion, evanescence, and tell a story. Both focused in on the use of color and negative space to communicate something more.
Alexey Brodovitch was a Russian Aristocrat turned American. Born in Russia he served in World War I and fought the Bolsheviks afterwards. He was forced to flee when injured and the hospital he was in was invaded. This led him to settle in Paris and eventually in America as the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar. His life was under a constant state of uncertainty. In an article by Colin Westerbeck the author makes the statement, “It’s no wonder that the aesthetic he developed in his work was one of what he called ‘constant change’”(42). This aesthetic began to grow while living in Paris and working as a set painter for the Ballet Russes. Being around the company he began to photograph the dancers. The piece “The Sylphs (Les Syphides)” was taken during the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo’s Les Syphides in 1935/37. Westerbeck makes the statement, “Brodovitch created a perfect image of human activity as relentless flux, evanescence, dissolution” (42). Shooting against the lighting and using different cropping…

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