The Use Of Brain Imaging Technology On Human Behavior Essay

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Discuss the use of brain imaging technology in investigating the relationship between biology and behaviour

The function of this paper is to review, in an unbiased way of brain imaging technologies in investigating the relationship between biology and behaviour.

Brain imaging technologies, with their advantages and disadvantages:

PET scan/Positron Emission Tomography scan

What it is:
A PET scan, or Positron Emission Tomography scan is a scan that detects positrons that are emitted from radioactive materials, and is used to scan bodies containing a radioactive tracer/radiotracer/radiopharmaceutical/radionuclide is either inhaled, injected, or ingested into the body. Brighter spots appear where the concentration of radioactive tracer has collected the higher than the location of fainter spots of gamma waves detected, showing information about the metabolism, physiology, and anatomy of the scanned organs or tissues of the body.

What it is usually used for:

Find information about a cancer, including its size, position in the body, malignancy, and if there is any metastases
Monitor the body’s responses to treatment for cancer
Diagnose heart diseases
Check neurological activity
Diagnose neurological disorders
Aid in selecting appropriate treatment options
Detect any recurrent tumors
Find areas of the heart with insufficient blood flow

How it works:

A specific radiotracer is made in a cyclotron, and given to the subject, where it accumulates in specified target areas of the…

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