The Use of "Best Practice" in Guardianship Essay

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Final Project
The use of “Best Practice” in Guardianship

Student: Takysha Crawford
Student ID # A00487277
Program: PhD in Human Services
Specialization: Family Studies and Intervention Strategies

Walden University
May 18, 2014

My specific area of human services would is guardianship of incapacitated adults who need guardians to help them provide food, clothing or shelter, or to care for his or her own physical health, and to manage his or her own financial affairs. When we think of guardianship, we often think about children who have no one and need people to serve as guardians but we really don’t think about the adults who, due to physical or mental incapacity, need someone to serve as
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As a result of the hearing, the judge or legal officer makes a determination as to whether the respondent is incompetent/incapacitated or not based on the relevant statute. If the respondent is found incompetent or incapacitated, a guardian is subsequently assigned. Guardianship may be of the person or estate (i.e., regarding financial affairs) depending on the type and severity of the individual’s impairments.
Best Practice According to the National Guardianship Association (2007), the Standards of Practice outline principles that are NGA ideals for service delivery, and are indicated as current, but evolving “best practices”. Because of changes in laws, people, and technology change over time the adoption of the best practice model suits this area of human services. The NGA best practice approach focuses on the guardian’s duty to recognize and respond to the person as an individual with needs, desires, and the potential for growth (National Guardianship Association, 2007). In order to fulfill the best practice approach a person serving as a guardian must learn as much about the individual that they are serving. This includes learning about the person’s background, culture, religion, family, and personal preferences. This knowledge is used to help the guardian make decisions that are best practice decisions and in the best interest of the person that they are serving. Best practice is defined as, a technique or methodology that, through experience

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