How To Be Armed Essay

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With any incidents and confrontations involving firearms and the police, the question is always raised as to whether officers in New Zealand should be armed lethally. Different policies and reforms regarding law enforcement are ever changing but one constant here in New Zealand is our approach to arming our front line officers. In my opinion, our current regulations and practice of arming our officers, using specially armed squads to deal with situations involving guns, is the most effective system. And we should continue to encourage our law enforcement to minimize the use of lethal arms in our society.
Appeals have often been made for police to be armed, more so for their own general safety, however in terms of looking towards other nations
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From their aspect their only trying to protect and look out for the men and woman who keep the public safe viewing that one death of an officer is too many. Police men and woman have all the right to be and feel safe in there line of work, the reality is that the nature of the job means that at times they will be put into dangerous situations. Officers will come into situations where they are dealing with more violent aspects of society. However our society isn’t at the point of criminal confrontations were arms are required, as the majority of times that police are called to an incident all that is needed to calm the situation down is their presence and that the majority of arrests are made without the use of violent force. In the end officers need to be equipped with the training in how to communicate and dissolve confrontations, as opposed of adopting a cowboy esque American philosophy of shooting first and asking questions later. Arming them is not a solution as equipping officers with lethal arms will only lead to a matter of escalation between criminals and police. Leading to more fatalities between police officers and the

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