The Use Of Antibiotics And Conventional Agriculture On The Field Of Agriculture

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Throughout the course of time, the word, “agriculture” has become something of a multicultural phenomenon that has continued to take the world by storm. This phenomenon has come to present itself in an endless array of forms that show the truths and traditions of the agriculture industry. However, in recent years the agriculture industry in the United States has undergone major reforms that have forever changed the ways of “traditional agriculture.” The reforms that were made have left the American public questioning the decisions of the agriculture industry. With the all of the questions that have been thrown out into the media regarding the future of “American Agriculture,” there is one that stands above the rest and has become the most difficult to answer. This question deals with the use of the topic of Organic and Conventional Agriculture and whether or not the use of antibiotics and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are worth the time. To satisfy this question, the use of antibiotics and GMOs in the field of agriculture has proven to be a major necessity in sustaining life. These two factors have become something that is not only worth the time, but something that time is now made for.

Antibiotics, the state-of-the-art defense necessity used by almost every farmer who practices the conventional ways of agriculture to ensure the health status of the livestock while being placed in questionable environments. The use of antibiotics in the conventional area…

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