The Use Of Animal Testing For Biomedical Research Essay

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The use of animal testing in biomedical research has been a major controversy between Animal rights activists and Medical scientist. The argument to whether the use of animals are necessary for biomedical research has been ongoing for many years. Although cell line (cell culture) has proven to be an effective alternative method of testing in biomedical, I believe Animal testing plays a vital roll in biomedical research to study and solve health related problems, and to develop cures, and drugs for medical purposes. Scientists have been studying diseases, developing new techniques and treatments by using animals as models due to the fact that animals are more susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans.
 Before I look into the controversy and why animals are necessary for biomedical researches I would first give a clear but brief summary to what is meant by “biomedical research” and what is meant by “animal testing”. According to the publisher(s) for the biomedical research group “The California Society for Biomedical Research (CSBR)” website, Biomedical research “is the broad area of science that involves the investigation of the biological process and the causes of disease through careful experimentation, observation, laboratory work, analysis, and testing.” (Whatis). According to Paul Flecknell, Ph.D., Professor of Laboratory Animal Science, Newcastle University. The reason for animal experimentation in biomedical research is…

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