American Indian Mascots Racist Rogerian Argument

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“Is the use of American Indian Mascots Racist” Rogerian argument

In the essay “Id the use of American Indian Mascots Racist essay” by Jane Willy she uses Rogerian argument to convince those against using Indian names as Mascots. The purpose of a Rogerian argument is to offer a different perspective from what other arguments. In willy’s essay she uses Rogerian argument by providing a sympathetic understanding of the situation and the different perspectives about whether or not native tribe names should be used as mascots or not. Willy does not directly refute the opposing views but she provides more insight on the issue rather than ushering her opinion.

In a Rogerian argument one needs to explain the problem at hand, express the opposing views, and understand why they think such a way. In Willy’s essay she states the problem by first using an anecdote to let the readers know that she does have experience on the problem first hand, by using the anecdote she communicates to her audience that she is a reliable source because she elucidates on how she is not blindly talking about a subject she has no knowledge about, which prevents the readers from losing interest in her argument.

The purpose of a rogerian argument is
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In a rogerian essay “A third party, who is able to lay aside how own feelings and evaluations, assist greatly by listening with understanding to each person or group” (458) Willy uses this rogerian theory by setting aside her own opinions and talking more thoroughly about her opponent's beliefs. She states “Those who argue that the names are hurtful should be listened to, and it is not up to us outsiders to tell them that they shouldn’t be offended…”(462) Willy sets aside her own thoughts and writes about how others thoughts should also be valued and not set aside: However, she does talk about what the tribe themselves think and not

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