Summary Of George Orwell's Animal Farm

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The book, Animal Farm by George Orwell is a unique interpretation of government, politics, and society. It not only mirrors the events of the Russian Revolution it also relates to politics that can be observed throughout history and today. The animals overcame many struggles to have independence from their owner. They held a vision for the future that was for the greater good of all animals on the farm. However, over time this vision changed as a result of control and power of their leader. Many of these aspects can be observed in Russian history and today’s political struggles. When comparing this story to history and politics the book can bring new insight and meaning. By understanding the use of allegory and satire within Orwell’s Animal …show more content…
It is also described as an extended metaphor, where events are meant to symbolize another. This can be seen in the book, Animal Farm. The story closely mirrors the political events observed in history including the division between the ruling class and the lower class. Class division is observed in politics as a way to divide different people in society. Divisions can occur between the rich and poor or between the titled elite and the commoners. When there are social divisions it allows one group to have power over another. This social division can be observed in Animal Farm between the pigs and the rest of the animals. By the middle of the book, Napoleon has become leader and makes all the important decisions for the group. In chapter 10, the society of the farm is to live by one basic rule, “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”, (Orwell, 1945). This shows the division between the pigs and the rest of the animals. It suggests that pigs are better than the others. It is shown through this rule and also how pigs interact with the rest of the farm animals. Pigs are allows to wear clothes and sleep in beds while the other animals cannot. The pigs also separate themselves by making the others stand aside to let them walk through. Lastly, the pigs make themselves different by walking on two legs instead of four to become more like humans. Doing these things, the pigs send a message that they are better, or more equal, than the other

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