The, Usa And Salt Of The Earth Essay

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The two films I watched for this film journal were Harlan County, USA and Salt of the Earth. The two films were both about miners fighting for their rights. Harlan County, USA is a documentary about the Harlan strike in Kentucky. The miners wanted to get better safety measures and pay. The Duke Power Company would not take the necessary precautions to protect the miners from unsafe conditions in the mines. Salt of the Earth focused on the Mexican miners in New Mexico who went on strike because of being treated unfairly compared to the Anglo miners. The Mexican miners wanted to get better pay, better working conditions with the addition of sanitary conditions where they were living. Through worker solidarity these demands were met after months of protest. These two films illustrate how solidarity is the key to having a successful strike because without it, the company can divide and conquer as shown in these two movies. There are similarities and differences in these movies concerning solidarity. In Harlan County, USA, the workers stood their ground against Duke Power Company and stayed on strike until their demands were met. The union was well organized and everyone was involved including the wives of the miners. This gave the strike more power because it allowed for multiple duties to be completed that helped their cause. The women sat in on the union meetings and sometimes led them.
Unlike in Salt of the Earth, women were not allowed to participate in any…

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