Essay about The Us Mobilize And Prepare For Ww1

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The US Mobilize and Prepare for WW1 The United States prepared and mobilized for World War 1 by making there industry stronger, drafting people into the army, and there new weapons. The United States had to do many different things to prepare for a war especially World War 1. The US prepared there industry first. The US punitive expedition into Mexico in 1916-17 looked south but had an eye peeking over at Europe. The Congress later declared war, but they did not have an army to fight with. The United States prepared for World War 1 starting with building up there industry. The United States surged production in trade with the other parties which gave them a big boost in introduction. The United States had built factories over the US to be able to build different things to be used in during the war. The United States wanted to have a big increase in demand for aircraft industry. The United States had factories over the US producing different parts for airplanes to be used in war. In 1918, the United States employed more than two-hundred thousand people to help build more airplanes efficiently. The most famous airplane that was built for World War 1 was the British De Havilland DH-4. They produced the most DH-4 planes from the Dayton Wright company in Dayton Ohio. In one day the Dayton Wright company would produce more than three-thousand DH-4 's in one day. The Dayton Wright Company would also, produce different planes like the Standard SJ-1 trainers. The World War…

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