The Us And The Homeless Essay

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The US and the Homeless

Being homeless is not how most of us would think about how we would be living our lives. However, at any given time there are around 578,424 people that experience homelessness every day (“The State of Homelessness” 3). In the same way, I am sure this is not how they thought they would be living their lives as well, but most of these people that are experiencing being homeless have no choice. As we pass these people on the street, we look at them as if they are criminals; they are not contributing to society or our economy. Most people think that the reason for homelessness is drug and substance abuse, but what they do not realize is that poverty and mental illness is just as large a factor. The homeless is struggling to contribute and survive in society the way most Americans do. Many of us may look at homelessness being affiliated to the lack of a person being able to fit within society, but the characteristic of homelessness has changed. Due to increasing housing prices and rents, these factors have forced many of these people on the streets and they are now having a difficult time getting back on their feet. Unfortunately, the number of homeless is increasing. As a society, I feel we have an obligation to our community to help those in need by providing shelter and skills that will allow them to be successful at providing for themselves. What are we doing as a society to help with the homelessness? Can we prevent the numbers of…

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