The Urban Renaissance

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1. Describe the new social class in twelfth-century Italy called the “urban nobility.” How and why did this social class come into being and how did it affect the movement toward republican government. The urban nobility is a new social class formed by the merger of the Northern Italian feudal nobility and commercial aristocracy. The people in this class were nobles attracted by opportunities of long-distance and maritime trade, rising value of urban real estate, expanding communes etc. who settled in cities. The people within this group were tied by blood, economic interests, and social connections and formed tight alliances for defending and expanding their rights. The class made citizenship in communes based off of high power and social …show more content…
Charles VII was faced with many problems in France after the Hundred Years war and had to revive the monarchy and France itself. He was frail, indecisive, and faced questions about his father because of his deranged father and notoriously promiscuous mother. They also faced effects of the Hundred Years war which included drastic depopulation, being commercially destroyed, and weak agriculture. In order to strengthen the monarchy, Charles obtained more control over the church and the army and did so by creating the first permanent royal army, and creating The Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges. (The Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges this gave the French crown major control over the appointment of bishops , and depriving the Pope of French ecclesiastical revenues.)Later on Louis invaded Burgundy and gained multiple territories to expand the royal authority and unify the kingdom. The marriage of Louis XII added the large western duchy of Brittany to the …show more content…
Why were blacks valued in Renaissance society? What roles did they play in the economic and social life of the times? Black servants were highly valued in Renaissance society because they were very rare and having one was a symbol of wealth and to show them off some Nobles would have them in their portraits to display their wealth. They also had multiple roles in society including, being maids or servants, being used for general labor in many different areas, or they were used for entertainment. (dancers, actors, musicians.)

13. In what ways did life for upper-class woman change during the Renaissance?
The life for upper-class woman had a momentous change during the Renaissance especially during the beginning. All people began to participate in the arts and those woman were not excluded. Girls even could receive equal education to boys at a young age. Multiple women also became known for their literary work because they were encouraged to study arts and make their own pieces. However there still were restraints because of marriage

14. How was the Renaissance art different from medieval art? Medieval art was very different than Renaissance art. For example in paintings the medieval style reflected spiritual ideals while Renaissance showed more realistic

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