Essay about The Upright Man By Maren Hassinger

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The streak of colonialism can never be eradicated from history. Countries are still recovering economically from the exploitation of their country’s natural resources and labor. This instability has caused hierarchies to emerge within social classes. In Maren Hassinger’s piece Wrenching News she uses two mandalas to represent the hierarchy between the elites and the working class. She mixes the shredded newspapers in both of the mandalas to signify the unity she desires between the two groups. The unification of the elites and the working class will be only reached through the diminishing of the social hierarchy.
To initiate the African Revolution in Burkina Faso, Sankara use of Marxism is necessary. In the film, The Upright Man, Thomas Sankara implements numerous policies and programs to diminish the class divisions. His campaign expands farther than the equality between classes; it serves to promote the rights of women as well. Although Hassinger’s piece demonstrates the inequality between classes, it can be seen in a new perspective. The position of mandalas can represents division of men over women in the workplace. Sankara did not discriminate against women even when it came to jobs. Women were able to join the army and serve their country. Like Hassinger, Sankara wants everyone to work together. However, the French despises Sankara’s revolution because he wants to utilize the resources in Burkina Faso. He encourages the citizens of Burkina Faso to use their…

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