Essay about The Unstable Politics Of Dante 's Hometown

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The unstable politics in Dante 's hometown, Florence, influence his views on leadership. These views got him banished from Florence which set the stage for him to write Inferno. In Inferno, the leaders Dante puts in hell manifests what he believes about leadership. In the fifth level of hell, Dante’s reaction to finding Filippo Argenti is harsh (Dante 143). Dante gets excited to see Filippo getting punished and shows deep resentment towards him. “Master, it certainly would make me happy to see him dunked deep in the slop just once before we leave this lake—it truly would” (Dante 140). Argenti is a member of the political faction opposite Dante and in hell for being wrathful. Ezzelino III, another one of Dante 's political enemies, has to spend to eternity in the seventh level. Ezzelino is known for his extreme cruelty and ruthlessness. Dante’s view of an ideal political leader can be illustrated by these two leaders in hell and from the basis on which he got banished. Dante wants a leader who is calm, yet effective and makes progress. Someone who respects their people and is able to make good decisions for all parties. These views on leadership take influence from Dante’s secular political ideals and alliances. His portrayal of Florentine leaders shows he is still bitter about getting banished and wants his political enemies in hell.

Dante also has high expectations for religious leaders and believes they can have great influence. A majority of people were catholic at the…

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