The University 's Pharmacy Program Essay

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It has been a month since I moved into college, life on campus have been great for me. The living community is better than what I expected at the Governors Complex. The university has the number one dining inside the SUNY College system for four consecutive years. The living community lets students feel like they are at home. Besides dorm life, we have very amazing academic programs. The university 's pharmacy program is ranked number seven in the country and also titled number ninety-nine in national universities. But like anything else, the university has its own imperfections, and I believe the university stampede system is the flaw of the school.
I notice that many times the buses are either late or too early; it doesn’t follow the schedule strictly. In my opinion, if the bus arrives early, the bus driver should wait till the departure time to depart instead of leaving early. Many students adhere to the bus schedule and expect the bus to be around when they arrive on time. However, the bus driver sometimes leaves before the scheduled time, making students miss the bus they are supposed to take and end up being late for their classes. Another issue is that there are not enough bus stops in North Campus. The school only built bus stops in front of the resident halls, and the only exception is Student Union. There are no bus stops for the important academic buildings, such as Natural Science Complex. This is the very inconvenience for students who live in the Ellicott…

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