The University Of Wisconsin Stevens Point Essay

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The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has many different clubs and student organizations. As a sophomore, I now understand the importance of getting involved. That being said, I am trying to join another one. Currently, I am involved in Campus Crusade (CRU), Athletes In Action (AIA), and Cross Country. Though I am involved in quite a bit already, I would like to boost my resume. Stevens Point is a very solid academic school and promotes students to get involved on campus as well as the community. That being said, my goal was to answer this one question: Which club or student organization am I going to join?
The clubs I am in now, I really enjoy. Athletes in Action is a group bible study where athletes from all sports get together, socialize, and discuss God’s word every Monday night. Campus Crusade is a huge group that meets every Thursday night for Christian Fellowship with over 120 people. The Cross Country team is a team that practices every single day and travels to compete against other college teams. Though I enjoy the religious gatherings I am a part of, as well as the Cross Country team, it’s time for me to join another club that is more beneficial to my physical education major.
I’ve always known that Stevens Point has many clubs to choose from, but many clubs are not as good as others. There are many things to consider. Does the club have good attendance? Is it organized? Is there a purpose behind the club? Is there good feedback about the club?…

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