The University Of Pennsylvania Museum Essay

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The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is one of the oldest and larges university museums in the country. The Museum has dedicated many years to expeditions through nearly every continent, and obtaining a sizeable collection with approximately one million artifacts. With this great collection, Penn Museum’s mission statement is simple: “The Penn Museum transforms understanding of the human experience.” To support their mission statement this institution has put into place for “pillars.” These pillars include research, teaching, collections stewardship, and public engagement, to foster further knowledge, exploration, and care of the collection. Due to the large scope and breadth of the collection, the Penn Museum features several major exhibitions. Three galleries alone dedicated to Egypt (Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, and Mummy Gallery), while other exhibitions display artifacts throughout the continents of Africa and Asia, parts of Central America, and countries such as Italy and Greece. The major programs provided at the museum range from public, kindergarten through twelfth grade programs as well as programs for University of Pennsylvania instructors and students. These numerous programs varying from family workshops, where families engage and learn about different culturals, summer camps, that teach children the fundamentals of what it is like to an anthropologist, and curator talks, where the public is encouraged to ask questions and get a…

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