Essay on The University Of North Carolina

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The University of North Carolina has had the pleasure of knowing professor Sherryl Kleinman for eleven years. Sherryl Kleinman teaches Sociology at the University, but her main focus is actually sexism towards women. This can mean anything from discrimination in the workforce to violence towards women. Many people, both male and female, tend to not grasp or attempt to understand the real true meaning about sexist language. She explains in more detail what sexist language really is and how it affects peoples lives in her article “Why Sexist Language Matters”. When hearing about sexist language some words may come to mind like hoe ect…, but those aren 't what she is talking about. The words she is talking about are more common, words such as “postman, chairman, freshman, congressman, fireman”(299). These are not the only ones the list goes on with words that would be called sexist. The worst term that she has heard is “you guys”(299). She has heard this term all over the country even though people she has talked to about it says its only heard in someplace’s. Its not just people walking down the street saying it. It is all over entertainment radios, TVs, etc. If you do not think this is true use one of those words but instead of man at the end put woman. Then see how a man would react when hearing that you called them a woman. Why does Kleinman think this is such a big issue and topic to talk about? Its an issue to her because of people thinking men are superior…

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