The University Of North Carolina At Pembroke 's Code Of Ethics

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Coaching Ethics
The purpose of the beginning of this paper is to present a white paper on the assessment of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s code of ethics guidelines upheld by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Followed by a comparison and contrast of the ICF Code of Ethics to the Code of Ethics outlined by the International Association of Coaching; identifying at least one method of implementation to ensure adherence to each defined guideline.
What is the International Coach Federation (ICF)? A non-profit organization that first began in 1995 for fellow coaches to support one another. The ICF is an organization that governs practices and behaviors of coaches (or mentors) worldwide. The organization is responsible for the establishment of values on coaching/mentoring, as well as establishing ethical standards that are supposed to be observed by ICF members. ICF, the world’s largest coaching organization, remains successful in its core purpose: to advance the coaching profession (International Coach Federation, 2015).
“The ICF created Core Competencies and built a Code of Ethics, setting the standard in the coaching field. An Ethical Conduct Review Process and Independent Review Board (IRB) were established, allowing consumers to file breach-of-ethics complaints” (International Coach Federation, 2015). All universities follow the IRB process when it comes to research. Noncompliance to the IRB can lead to the termination of funding and suspension to…

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