Essay about The University Of Minnesota Dance Team

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In this year of health class I have learned many things that can help me live a healthier life. This means being balanced on all sides of the health triangle: mental, social, and physical. I have also learned how to make goals, have a nutritious diet, make a workout plan, I have learned about my family health history, major decision making, and balancing my health triangle. My top goal right now is to be on the University of Minnesota Dance Team. It’s my goal to be on this dance team because they are one of the top dance teams in the country. I plan to achieve my goal by stretching, practicing dance skills like turns and acro, getting my oversplits, and getting stronger by weight lifting. My coaches and fellow dance teammates will be able to help me achieve this goal by correcting my technique and helping me learn new skills. The set time in which I will need to achieve this goal will be tryouts that will take place my senior year of high school. The checkpoints are that every two weeks I will have mastered a new skill and turn combo until I tryout. My reward will be being on one of the top dance teams in the country. In sum, I will achieve this goal and other future goals by following these six steps that I learned this year. Having a nutritious diet is very beneficial. There are six groups of nutrients: carbohydrates, fats/lipids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. I will eat a balanced diet everyday and will stay within my suggested calorie intake amount.…

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