The University Of Michigan Health System Essay

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The University of Michigan Health System is one of the largest health care facilities in the world. The facility is also referred to as the University of Michigan Hospital. It is one of the largest hospitals in the state of Michigan, as well as a premier academic medical center. Michigan Health System has a vision of creating the future of health care through discovery, as well as to become the national leader in care, education, biomedical innovation, and health care reform (Regents, 2015). An important aspect of quality assurance is utilization management. In health care, utilization management that is based on collection, assessment, and monitoring data that pertains to patient services and treatment assures efficiency and effectiveness (Plebani, Zaninotto, & Faggian, 2014). According to the article, “Utilization Management: A European Perspective” (2014), utilization management has been described as an organization wide, interdisciplinary approach to balancing quality, risk, and cost concerns in the provision of patient care. The purpose of utilization management is to identify, monitor, evaluate, and resolve issues that could result in inefficient delivery of care; or impact on resources, services, and patient outcomes (Plebani, Zaninotto, & Faggian, 2014). The main goal of utilization management is to maintain the quality, and efficiency of health care delivery by caring for patients at the appropriate level, coordinating health care benefits, ensuring…

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