The University Of Memphis Is A Well Organized Institution Essay

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The University of Memphis is a well-organized institution that considers Composition English, including one and two, as necessary core-curriculum course for all majors to prepare the student for future major-guided classes required to graduate. The final goal is to efficiently develop the skills of the student to help them succeed in their further college 's studies. Specifically talking about Composition English 1020, the course focuses in to develop the student writing skills, with a higher expectation than the previous course of Composition English 1010. Moreover, the course descriptions and objectives reflect the process that the student is supposed to develop to obtain the necessary feedback to succeed in the class. It is a congruent compound of tasks that build upon each other to help the student to master the action of working through the process, to avoid unnecessary stress and failure. Based on the course content, the course descriptions are accurate.
At the beginning of the course, while the discussion of the syllabus, the learning outcomes seemed easy to achieve and adequate to the course purpose. At the contrary, I had a couple of difficulties to overcome the assignments, based on the short time period to culminate them. I did not know how difficult it could be to analyze other writer’s writings because it is not enough to read, the student needs to understand the implied idea to continue working on the assignments. Throughout the course, I received helpful…

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