The University Of Glasgow 's Post Graduate Program Essay

1075 Words Oct 25th, 2016 5 Pages
I would like to express my keen interest in the University of Glasgow’s post graduate program in Information Technology. The courses offered suit with my interest, which in the field of technological development. By completing this program, I will absolutely gain precious knowledge and experience.
As I grew up, I used to play games and it became a part of my life. Those fmorechallenging and requiring logical thinking are my favorite games. Without realizing it, playing games helped me with my school grades. Before I learned English at school, games have already taught me English. Moreover, lots of games required players to calculate, thus I used to reckon complicated items when the math education is still at the basic math.
This hobby of mine pushed me to inquire deeper about how to develop games, and more importantly what was happening behind the scenes. I feel certain that field of study about this interest of mine exists. In addition, the important classes of this course match with my passion. For that reason, my craving for study rose to the next level. At that point, I signed up at De La Salle University, Manado to pursue my bachelor degree majoring in Computer Science.
The time I spent during my college life, I was introduced to classes that relate to my curiosity. Some of the valuable classes are the algorithm, programming, and design. Algorithm classes taught me how to solve problems step-by-step; which is the basic knowledge to learn software development. And then,…

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