The University Of Florida College Of Medicine Essay

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The University of Florida College of Medicine’s main campus is located in Gainesville, Florida. UFCM was founded in 1956 with the mission to produce competent physicians to provide exceptional health care to the Florida population and to innovate the field of medicine through research. Over five thousand physicians have graduated from UFCM. With twenty-six clinical and basic science departments and nearly a thousand faculty members, UFCM now stands as the largest college at the University of Florida Health Science Center. A second campus is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
Admission into UFCM begins with completing the application through AMCAS. Applications can be submitted as early as June but no later than December 1st. Secondary applications along with three letters of recommendations must be received by January 15th. Interviews are conducted between August and February. Acceptance occurs throughout the interviewing season beginning October 15th and ending in the middle of March. Students must indicate their intent within two weeks of acceptance with a $100 deposit. If an applicant withdrawals prior to April 30th the deposit will be refunded. After this date, the deposit is no longer refundable. The average overall GPA of accepted applicants is not provided, however, the average science GPA is 3.76. In past years the average MCAT score was 32.2, but the new MCAT scoring is still under consideration. UFCM’s required undergraduate courses are fairly standard…

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