The University Of Central Arkansas Essay

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The University of Central Arkansas has been expanding its edges since it was the Arkansas State Normal School in 1907. Over a span of a hundred and nine years, the campus has developed into a three hundred and forty-two-acre plot. Having the vision of being a “public destination that integrates the 21st-century learning environment with the urban vitality of Conway and the greater region” (Reynolds, 2011). With the latest development of the College of Business, Donaghey Hall, and Lewis Science Center, UCA is featuring exemplary live/learn/work/play environments and opportunities that engage the learner, satisfy the curious, inspire the creative and attract the larger Conway community.
Since Arkansas is known for being the Natural State, the University takes pride in its environmental stewardship through the Jewel Moore Nature Reserve; therefore, offering multiple recreational trails, a small stream, and outdoor classroom space. However, is this the only environmentally responsible step that UCA is willing to make or is it the first step into creating a biodiverse, eco-friendly campus? By raising the student facility fee by less than a dollar, UCA students can make the change towards a new environmental revelation across the nation.
Ordinarily, when humans desire something new, constructional development is brought upon an area in hopes of creating a better community. People seldom take the time to stop and really think about the impact that this development has on the…

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